CAPITAL REGION, N.Y.(NEWS10) – As the holidays are shipping off for the season many folks suffering from the attacks of porch pirates on parade. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

As the holiday season is wrapping up and package deliveries are slowing down some Capital Region folks like Danielle Summers are still dealing with the aftermath of the crimes.

“So, I reached out to FedEx immediately to let them know what had happened and they said essentially once the package is delivered it’s out of their hands,” said Summers.

Summers sharing the Ring cam video of the theft telling NEWS10 that it happened while she was away at work.

“You can see a lady, she’s not really dressed to be out in this kind of weather, wearing just a hoodie. She’s hustling down the street and then you see her make her return with her arms full of my package,” added Summers.  

Albany Police Department spokesperson Steve Smith saying as common as the crime is becoming there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

“As far as things that people can do to help prevent this, one, have a camera,” said Smith.

Smith says it is always best to call the police and make a report so they can track any patterns of theft and make an arrest.

“We encourage people to call the police when this happens so we can conduct an investigation likely if they’re stealing it from one house they’re stealing it from others,” said Smith.

As far as getting a refund or replacement for your stolen package there are few different things one can do to help expedite the process.

FedEx has outlined the process on how to successfully report a package issue.  Once the package is missing go to website tracking page enter tracking number. Select manage delivery then choose report missing package. Confirm you have checked everywhere for item, then click yes. Enter your contact information. Enter your preferred method of contact.  Finally, click submit and then click done.

However, FedEx told summers there is not much more to do but file a police report.

Amazon sent NEWS10 the following statement:

“The holiday shopping season kicked off with a record 130 million online shoppers and 100 million packages are predicted to be in transit per day. 77% of consumers worry about package thieves stealing gifts during this holiday season. So, be sure the gifts you ordered arrive safely – when you’re off running errands or visiting loved ones.” – Crystal Cruz, ring Home Security Expert.

The shipping giant recommends using a ring camera to keep an eye on packages. The ring camera includes utility features like live view, package alerts and quick replies that allow you to remotely communicate with delivery drivers or guests, said Crystal Cruz, ring home security expert.

It is advised to make sure all electronics are charged and functioning properly.

Delivery companies support the federal Porch Pirate Act, which will consider all package deliveries as federally protected just like the postal service.