ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — 25,000 New Yorkers are expected to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at pop-up vaccination sites this week. A pilot program in Albany is bringing one of the vaccination sites to the door of low-income seniors.

“It’s just perfect and what we should be doing for the older people,” said J Michael Malec, who received the vaccine.

After an agreement was made on Tuesday evening with the state to disperse the vaccine to residents of two Albany Housing Authority sites, the push began to quickly inform residents of the opportunity.

The city pre-registered all residents at the low-income senior homes for the vaccine, giving them the option to opt-in.

“We have the ability to text, we have the ability to send emails as well as robocall,” said Executive Director of the Albany Housing Authority Chiquita D’Arbeau.

D’Arbeau said there were some who declined the vaccine, but she saw an overall positive response.

“The very fact that it was brought to their homes was very, very, important to them and they were so appreciative. I would say that was the overwhelming response,” D’Arbeau said.

“[It’s the] happiest day of my life. I’m an old man, but I got a lot of young people, they love me. You know,” said Carlos Vargas, who received the vaccine.

There’s limited time to get someone the shot once it’s opened before it spoils. That’s something D’Arbeau said shouldn’t be a problem with the need in their community.

“There are tons of people in our community that are eligible and just need to get registered and we’re still pushing on and trying to get people registered,” D’Arbeau said.