NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Unlike other parts of the world, New York has full moons every day. While new trends frequently tend to shake up the social media landscape, there is one that might have slipped through the cracks.

According to a recent poll that asked 2,300 Americans about their selfie habits, 17% of New York residents admitted to posting a butt selfie, tying South Carolina and Alabama for the most butt selfies. Findings indicate that New York residents take 3.25 selfies per week on average, only second to Illinois, where residents take 3.58 selfies per week.

Interestingly, iPhone users tend to take twice as many butt selfies and duck face selfies as Android users. Locations appear vital in this modern-day art, as 72% of participants say they have taken bathroom mirror selfies, and 71% of participants take selfies in cars.

As technology continues to develop, it should come as no surprise that Gen Z has taken over the selfie trend. Gen Z averages 3.2 selfies per week, almost two to three times more than Millenials, and are responsible for some unique poses, including the 0.5 selfie.