NEW YORK (NEWS10) — A poll released Thursday by Marist and NBC 4 shows Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s job performance ratings have reached new heights, buoyed by his handling of the pandemic and the economy.

“New Yorkers are responding in a very positive way to Governor Cuomo’s leadership during this unprecedented time.”

Dr. Lee M. Miringoff
Director, The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion

The NBC/Marist poll reports all-time highs since he took office in 2011:

  • 60% of New Yorkers registered to vote rate Cuomo’s performance as excellent or good
  • 86% of Democrats, 65% of independents, and 28% of Republican approve of the governor
  • 55% of upstate New Yorkers responded positively overall, compared to 67% of those in the City
  • 69% of upstaters approve of his leadership during the pandemic, compared to 75% in the City
  • 52% of upstaters like the way he’s handling the economy, compared to 63% in the City

The full poll also covers responses to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, reopening schools, face masks, defunding the police, and Black Lives Matter.