ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — The new Lieutenant Governor, Antonio Delgado was sworn in today. Delgado was previously a Congressman for the 19th district which represented the Catskills and mid Hudson region.

“For me the work that I do as a public servant isn’t about left and right politics. It’s about right versus wrong,” said Delgado.

Soon after his swearing in, he first paid tribute to the lives lost in the mass shooting in Uvalde Texas. “We’re grieving a great loss. The loss of innocence. The loss of children. Little boys and little girls with sweet smiles. Silly laughs and playful minds and joyful hearts. We saw that. As a parent of two eight-year old’s. I can’t imagine.”

Delgado says there is not enough being done to protect children when it comes to gun laws. He believes stronger laws will work, “The most common sense proposals. Universal background checks for all firearm sales cant get done. Even when 80% of this entire country supports it.” Both he and Hochul will work together to ensure stricter gun laws in NY. This may include raising the age for a firearm purchase to 21. 

Delgado also gave accolades to his roots growing up in Schenectady where he spent every Sunday at church. He later received his law degree at Harvard Law where he met his wife, Lacey. Much to the surprise of his parents, upon graduation, he pursued a career in hip hop music. Delgado says he always made sure to follow his heart. 

“But it’s that diversity of experience that led me to want to serve in a time where desperately we need people who know how to bridge divides.” He says his goal as Lieutenant Governor is to build bridges, bring humanity back into politics and meet people where they are. 

He wrapped up the swear in saying, “We will live up to our ideas. I am incredibly humbled, beyond words. And truly grateful to be a partner with you Governor Hochul and with every New Yorker on this journey. I love you and God bless.”