TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After nearly a month, an agreement has been reached to fill the open District 2 seat on the Troy City Council. The opening came after Kim Ashe-McPherson resigned in June, when she pleaded guilty to submitting absentee ballots in the 2021 election. Ashe-McPherson defeated Democratic candidate Steven Figueroa in that race.

Mayor Madden and other city council democrats wanted to automatically install Figueroa as a replacement councilor after the resignation. Republicans, on the other hand, led by Mantello, advocated for a lengthy candidate interview process.

Mantello said Wednesday that the Republicans will back Figueroa to serve for the rest of 2022, before a special election can take place in November. The council is expected to officially appoint Figueroa during its meeting on Thursday, July 7, at 7 p.m.

”Troy City Council Democrats are pleased that our Republican colleagues have joined us in appointing Steven Figueroa to represent District 2. We knew from the outset Steve had the best track record for the job. He’d followed the electoral process in 2019 and deserved the seat,” noted Sue Steele, Democratic City Councilor.

“The appointment’s month-long delay was unfortunate but apparently necessary to achieve unanimous support. Steve will join the Council with a bipartisan vote. Those who expressed interest in the seat may pursue with their respective party leaders as candidates in November’s Special Election, as we’ve said all along,” concluded Steele.