BOLTON LANDING, N.Y. (NEWS10)— With Election Day less than two months away, Republican and Democratic politicians are out in full force, making their stances known. Governor Kathy Hochul and her gubernatorial opponent, Congressman Lee Zeldin spoke on Friday at the Business Council’s conference held at the Sagamore Resort.

“I think our members and business owners in general, just want a candidate that is really going to help them flourish and help grow an economy in New York State that desperately needs it,” stated Patrick Bailey, Director of Communications for The Business Council.

One issue the governor spoke about was childcare.

“People think that’s not a business issue, but it’s certainly a business issue,” explained Bailey. “We have millions of open jobs right now, but not enough people to fill them. Not just In this state, but across the country. Issues like that we’ve always worked well with her on those. She wants to expand childcare, so do we. The question is how do we do it? And that’s going to be a big question moving forward. In terms of Lee Zeldin, he said a lot of things today that I think our members would certainly approve and possibly vote for him based on what he said today.”

Zeldin’s campaign has focused on issues such as cutting taxes and creating good paying jobs.
State GOP Chairman, Nick Langworthy, and Democratic Chairman, Jay Jacobs, were also at the conference speaking in a forum.

“We talked about the economy, we talked about energy prices,” said Jacobs. “We talked about making sure we have a strong business environment so that businesses can come here, people can find jobs here. People who graduate school will stay here. I think that’s the future of New York, that’s what Governor Kathy Hochul is working toward and I was trying to make sure we got that point across.”

Jessica Proud, spokesperson for the New York State GOP said Langworthy and Jacobs had a good and informative discussion. Langworthy’s team emphasized the need for a Republican in the executive office.

“One party rule, is not serving the state,” said Proud.” And the chairman laid out a very effective case for why having a Republican governor would be a real check and balance on the legislature.”