GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Gloversville woman arrested Monday after police say she was intentionally starving her infant child.

It’s still unclear why 29-year-old Crystyl Morhlock-Young was not feeding her seven-month-old son, but when police entered her home, they say they found a child in dire condition.

“CPS workers found formula in the home just not opened. It appeared that she just wasn’t providing the correct sustenance to the child,” Captain Michael Scott said.

A third-party complaint to child protective services back in September resulted in the immediate removal of Damien from his Gloversville home. CPS then launched an investigation along with Fulton County Police that investigation ended Monday with the arrest of the infant’s mother.

“The child appeared in distress and was very small. Small for its size and not where a child of that age should be physically.”

Bradley Rooke, an attorney for Fulton County Child Protective Services, agreed to speak to me off-camera about the process of removing an infant from a home.

“To do an emergency removal, a child has to be at imminent risk of life or health so typically the factors are quite substantial for the government to be able to go in without a court order and take your child.”

Rooke said that child neglect is not uncommon in Fulton County.

“We file probably 100 if not more child neglect cases each year.”

Still, Captain Scott says neglect of this severity is unusual.

“Neglect doesn’t come from just not feeding your child. Neglect comes from other forms that we’ve seen, but nothing like this.”

NEWS10 ABC went to Morhlock-Young’s home and spoke with a family friend who was watching her other two children.

The friend did not want to appear on camera but did say she does not believe Damien was not malnourished. She says the infant was drinking both milk and formula and was “just a tiny guy.” She also mentioned that Morhlock-Young was receiving food stamps and though there wasn’t a “gross amount of food in the house, she always made sure there was food.”

Child protective services placed Damien with a foster family months ago and the captain says his health has since improved.

“The latest that we’ve found is that the child is making great strides.”

Young is currently being held in Fulton County on bail of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond.

She is scheduled to appear right in Gloversville City Court on Monday. She is currently facing up to one year in jail.