UPPER ARLINGTON, OH (WCMH) – An Ohio Police Department is trying to educate students and parents about a growing concern of drugs being bought and sold on Instagram.

Bryan McKean is the Communications Officer with the Upper Arlington Police Department.

He said they have been seeing this trend that students and parents need to be aware of.

“These are not Instagram accounts that are from New York, or Chicago, or Detroit,” said McKean. “These fake Instagram accounts. They call them ‘Finsta’ accounts. So both students and criminals use kind of a bogus email address to create these Instagram accounts “

The content on these ‘Finsta accounts’ are not bogus at all, but they are harder for police to track.

Their purpose is to promote selling illegal drugs.

“This is the modern drug deal, said McKean. “So there’s not a guy standing at the corner anymore.”

They are right in the palm of your hand, and according to McKean, the fake Instagram accounts are private and the people who run them can decide who sees what’s on them.

“We have Vicodin. We have acid. We have cocaine. If you can see in this picture here they’ve actually put heroin in the marijuana.”

So can Instagram do anything about these “Finsta Accounts?”

A spokesperson with the company sent this statement to NBC4 which reads:

“Instagram prohibits the promotion and sale of illegal content, including illegal drugs. Our team reviews reports and will remove content if it violates our policies, and in some cases we will disable the account.”

Instagram added that even if it’s legal in your area, buying or selling firearms or prescription drugs is not allowed on its platform.

The best thing to do if you see this is to notify police and report the page to Instagram.