ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An Albany police officer with his therapy dog was instrumental in assisting a teenage girl – located on the roof of a three-story residence – where she stated she wanted to cause harm to herself by jumping.

On August 5, Tuesday, around 2:15 p.m., Police responded to a home on the 600 block of Providence Street of the 14-year-old girl in crisis.

Officier Joel Caldwell along with members of the department’s crisis team was on scene and began to establish a relationship with the teen Police said speaking with the teen for several hours when officers learned the girl enjoyed dogs.

Officer Caldwell brought Charlie, a sixth-month Golden doodle puppy, to the third-story window where officers were speaking with the teen said Police and with help from Charlie, the teen – who was now at the edge of the roof – walked over to the window to meet the puppy – and was safely brought inside.

Police said the teen has been evaluated by medical professionals and is receiving the help that she needs.

Charlie, the newest addition to the Albany Police Department’s Therapy Dog Program was launched in May of 2019, with the assistance of MVP Healthcare, as part of the department’s aim to improve employee health and wellness and enhance police-community relations.

To date, the department has three therapy dogs, Maxie, Finn, and Charlie.