SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s been almost one month since Rivers Casino opened in Schenectady and one thing people there were worried about was the potential increased crime rates.

Police patrol the area of the casino pretty regularly. Even though the number of times they’ve responded here sounds high, it’s actually pretty normal.

Sgt. Matt Dearing with the Schenectady Police Department says anytime there is a major development within any city, crime is sure to increase.

“You’re introducing a whole new area to the city that before was never developed.”

Dearing says since the casino opened there have been 136 calls but only about 40 of those have been legitimate.

“Accidents, larcenies from vehicles potentially, unruly customers, and medical calls.”

What about the almost 100 other calls that get recorded?

“Fire department calls and other police department calls. If an officer is in the area and is just providing extra attention or driving through that generates a call.”

Even officers who are stationed at the casino during busy hours add to the number.

“We do have officers that are dedicated there during certain times to deal with any issue that potentially may arise.”

Rivers Casino released this statement today saying:

“Our team members, in partnership with the Schenectady Police Department, work to ensure an enjoyable and safe environment for our guests.”

Dearing says the security team there does a pretty good job.

“For the most part, they do a good job of handling what they can handle. It’s just when things rise to a certain level, unfortunately, we have to become involved.”

Police say they will continue to work with casino security to make sure everyone who comes here can focus on having fun and know they’ll be safe.