NEW YORK (PIX11) — An NYPD detective captured and removed 8,000 honeybees from the side of 3 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan late Saturday night, police said. The swarm of bees was relocated to an apple orchard.

Police use a special vacuum to remove the bees. The suction is controlled so the bees aren’t harmed.

Officer Darren Mays of the NYPD’s beekeeper unit, previously explained to PIX11 why bees might swarm. If a hive is crowded, bees might head elsewhere for more room, he said.

It’s not the first or biggest swarm of the year in New York City. The NYPD bee unit got its first call of the year earlier in May, officials said, when around 20,000 bees were on a low-hanging tree branch in Queens. Police also responded to another swarm of around 15,000 in Queens on May 15. Many bee swarms have also been removed from Times Square in recent years.