CATSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – State police are investigating new leads in a missing persons case involving a woman who’s been missing for nearly 14 years: Audrey May Herron.

“Knowing what happened, you know, would be nice,” Herron’s mother Shirley Olmsted said. “You know, closure for the family.”

Herron was a happy 31-year-old mother of three when she disappeared without a trace. She was last seen leaving her job as a part-time nurse at Columbia-Greene Long Term Care Facility in Catskill on August 29, 2002. 

Sonsia Court is Herron’s oldest child. She was just 10-years-old when her mother went missing.

“You know, she was never there throughout high school,” Court said. “She never was at my prom.”

Court is now 24-years old and grasping at memories of her mother.

“She had a jeep, and she loved to crank the music up and have the windows down, and we would sing,” she recalled.RELATED: Community remembers Audrey May Herron

It was that black 1994 Jeep that Herron drove away in from the medical center where she was working.

“She would bring me sometimes to visit the patients, and I just really looked up to her,” Court said.

So much so, Court is now a nurse herself.

“Oh my god, she would be so proud,” she said.

Throughout the years, the family has seen numerous tips lead to dead ends. But they call this one the “strongest yet.”

A source told NEWS10 ABC that New York State Police were searching a property and a pond on Cauterskill Road in Catskill. The land formerly belonged to a person of interest who is already serving time for a sexual related crime.

The family has always held on to hope that Herron may still be alive.

“But there’s lots of days that you think that’s not going to happen,” Olmsted said.

Now, they’re hoping the latest lead will finally give Herron the justice she deserves.

“It would mean a lot,” Olmsted said. “It would mean very much that someone did pay for this. They have no idea what they did to this family.”

The search of the pond turned up empty, but the family said police are closer than ever to finding out what happened to Herron.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police.