SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- As part of their police reform plan, Schenectady Police Department will no longer secure hand restraints to leg restraints, otherwise known as “hog-tying.” The plan was approved by the Schenectady County Legislature on March 9.

Schenectady Police reform plan includes:

  • anti-racism training
  • continued de-escalation training
  • expansion of community policing
  • creating police substations
  • community outreach officers
  • community engagement officers
  • new hire advisory panel
  • digitizing use of force reports for easier analysis

“Our recommendations for the reform and reinvention of the Schenectady Police Department take into consideration and are reflective of what our community conveyed during this process. We as a city will work towards responding and providing the service best suited for what is called for and will work tirelessly to improve and strengthen the relationship between the community and our police department,” said Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy.

“While community conversations provided insightful feedback on our policies and practices, in addition to the perspectives of the community, we considered what changes and improvements could be done in real-time and implemented simultaneously; an example of this is the Community Hiring Advisory Panel,” said Police Chief Eric Clifford.

Police departments across the state have until April 1 to certify police reform plans to State Budget Director, Robert Mujica or else will lose state funding. Schenectady Police Departments’ entire collaborative report can be found on the city’s website.