Police: ‘Motion Picture Use Only’ money passed in Gloversville


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GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Gloversville police are urging the public to closely examine the U.S. currency they are handling to ensure it’s authentic.

Police have responded in the past week to several complaints concerning the passing of “Motion Picture Use Only” imitation United States currency.

The money does not hold any monetary value.

“It’s a larceny of whatever the item is that they get,” Gloversville Police Cpt. Michael Scott said. “Whether it’s food, or if they’re passing it for other goods.”

Cpt. Scott said the money looks real, but a closer inspection shows that it’s not.

“Pay attention to what it is that someone is handing you,” he said. “In this case, with the imitation money, they spell it right out on the money. It’s movie money, fake money, play money, and you really need to be cognitive of that.”

Police continue to investigate who’s involved and where the fake money originated.

Anyone who is passed this currency is urged to contact Gloversville police at (518) 773-4514.

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