ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — All different law enforcement agencies will be out this weekend in force to remove impaired and reckless drivers. After a rise in gun violence in the City of Albany, more police will be patrolling the city this weekend.

If you’re spending your Memorial Day Weekend in Albany, expect to see more vehicles driving through the city neighborhoods. After an uptick of deadly shootings, more city, county and state police will be patrolling the streets this weekend.

“Enough is enough. We will work hand glove with the city, with the state…we have a couple details planned,” say Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

“We’ve been putting in anywhere from 6 cars a shift to 10 cars a shift to 12 cars a shift…We have recovered weapons, drugs, and we’re going to continue to do that and continue to saturate the city until things quiet down,” says Sheriff Apple.

Darren Nimnicht is visiting Albany, from Columbia County. He says Albany’s plan to have more patrols out sounds like a good idea. “I think, again so much of it has to do with community policing, people knowing their policemen, knowing around that they’re there to protect them and that’s hard right now,” says Darren.

“The naysayers say it’s an occupying force, I already heard that, and I don’t believe that it’s about making people and the residents in the City of Albany feel safe,” says Sheriff Apple.

Sheriff Apple hears it from the city residents himself, after these recent shootings, many fear to be outside. “We don’t have to see people locking their doors and hiding in their house in fear. We will saturate that neighborhood. I want people to be able to walk around freely, this is America right? How sad is it that you have to hide your kids in your house because you’re afraid of them getting hurt,” he adds.

Law enforcement plans are in place, officials want everyone to have a fun and safe holiday weekend.