(NEWS10) – Police in New York are warning the public and parents about drugs disguised as SweeTARTS.

Police in Elmira, N.Y. made a startling discovery earlier in the week. During a response to an overdose, they found a form of opioids that looked like small pieces of candy.

Elmira police said the drugs may have actual imprints, generic or name brand of the candy, to assist in disguising the true identity of the substance.

The candy-like substance has been found to contain Xanax and heroin. There have been numerous reports of the drugs disguised as candy across the country in recent weeks.

Now law enforcement across New York are warning the public.

“It’s unbelievable, and it’s sickening really,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said.

Apple said the discovery creates a terrifying new wrinkle in the war against drugs.

“Most drug users are careless,” he said. “So if they do this in a park or even if they leave them at home and a child gets these, they are going to think they are candy.”

Even though Elmira is over three hours away from Albany, Apple said parents should remain cautious. NEWS10 ABC spoke with local parents.

Jessica Castro fears for her child.

“Their life can be over with now just trying a piece of candy,” she said.

DeShawn Bobb is too. He said you can never be too careful.

“Just make sure you are always watching and never let them have anything that you wouldn’t give them,” he said.

Joseph Dickson agrees.

“Watch what you give your kids,” he said. “Just be careful; be safe.”

At this time, Apple said there are no reports of candy-like drugs being discovered in the Capital Region.

Anyone who sees anything that might look suspicious or has information is urged to contact police.