ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — News10 is continuing to look into the officer-involved shooting that happened on Franklin St. Monday afternoon.

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins said, in a press conference Tuesday morning, domestic violence calls can be some of the most dangerous situations to respond to. Officers at Albany Police Department are trained to handle these situations with as little use of force as possible. That training comes down to the moment, seen in the body camera footage, when the suspect puts his hand in his pocket and begins to move toward the officers.

“That is a signal to officers anywhere, when at any sorts of incidents like this, that danger is perhaps imminent,” Chief Eric Hawkins said. “This is when officers are on high alert when anyone under these circumstances do what this person did, because he in fact, was going inside of that pocket to take a knife out to harm the officers.”

The responding officers still used restraint when dealing with the suspect after he revealed the knife. Hawkins said the goal of continued restraint is to use as little force as possible. 

“Although I may be justified in using lethal force at this moment, because this is an armed subject who is still in assault mode against an officer,” Hawkins said. “I’ll try something different and I’ll try to deescalate this even more under an extremely tense circumstances, extremely emotional circumstances.”

The case is under investigation by multiple agencies including The Albany Community Policing Review Board. Vice-Chair, Dr. Veneilya Harden, said they look into policies and best practices as well as community input when investigating these cases. 

“The number one priority is the community and bridging that gap between community and policing that is a bit fractured to say the least,” Harden said.