Episode 26: Sleep

Ep. 41 Nocturnal Cookies On The Story with Trishna Begam

Nocturnal Cookies is a local cookie delivery service in the Albany area. They deliver freshly baked cookies to your doorstep. This week Wendy Wright discusses how she came up with the idea for the Albany market, how she started her own business with limited knowledge of running a business and the pandemic related roadblocks that You can order Nocturnal Cookies through their website https://www.nocturnalcookies.com/ Or through meal delivery services like GrubHub — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/onthestory-trishna-begam/message
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(NEWS10) — Episode 26 features an interview with Dr. Boris Medarov whose expertise is in sleep disorders. Dr. Medarov works with patients at Albany Medical Center’s Sleep Clinic.

In this episode, Trishna talks about common sleep problems, how to get better sleep, and healthy sleep habits we should consider.