ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -When parents send their kids off to prom, they tend to go as far as a limo for transportation. For the Murphy family, their son Logan arrived piloting a plane with his girlfriend, Erin Barrow, to the Christain Brothers Academy prom.

Logan Murphy obtained his private pilots license during his junior year of high school. His mother, Meghan Murphy, says his relationship with planes was bound to take off, “I wholeheartedly knew that Logan would follow his dream and go into aviation. I think sometimes he doubted himself.” “Here and there,” said Logan Murphy while laughing with his mom.  

Murphy says his grandfather played a large part in his accomplishments. “My interest really sparked as a little boy. My grandfather was a helicopter pilot for his whole life. I used to do stuff with him in the aviation world,” explained Murphy.

Building and flying model airplanes with his grandfather led him to join a model airplane club. Murphy was able to earn a $10,000 flight scholarship in 2021 that led to him earning his license. He says he took full advantage of the free time made by COVID-19.

“Instead of sitting at home being bored, I decided to dive headfirst into my aviation career. At the time I joined the civil air patrol, and they were offering a ground school course for your private pilots license,” described Murphy.

Murphy takes his future with flying seriously, giving himself time to choose a flight school. “Hopefully in the fall, hitting the ground running. Just bang out my ratings and keep going with my flying career,” stated Murphy.

Murphy’s girlfriend was more than excited to take a plane to prom. The two took flight from the Saratoga County Airport. “It’s pretty awesome. I think it’s like really cool that we have the opportunity, and he wants to share his passions with me,” explained Barrow.

Arriving at The Hangar at 743, Murphy and Barrow spent prom hanging out with their friends. They have seen Murphy’s drive as their captain of the lacrosse and hockey teams. “He’s got that drive in lacrosse. He’s one of the most influential players on the field. It clearly carries over to what he wants to do in life, which is fly,” described Sam Smith, graduate of Christain Brothers Academy.