POESTENKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10)– In New York State, schools are required to test for contaminates called PFOAs in their water. After the contaminates were found at Algonquin Middle School, some nearby private wells have been tested. According to Rensselaer County, 4 out of 17 wells were found to have higher levels than the state drinking water standard.

“We are doing this in a very scientific manner, it may not be the manner that you want, because everyone wants their well tested, but we have a reason to test the wells that we are testing,” explained Mary Fran Wachunas, Rensselaer County Public Health Director.

Eric Wohlleber doesn’t live far from the school, and said he is concerned about his own drinking water.

“Today, I found out that someone in this neighborhood has PFOAS in their drinking water. It’s under the 10 parts per trillion, but obviously any PFOAs, is too much for most people,” said Wohlleber.

While Wohlleber hasn’t been told to have his water tested, he’s paid for a test and is now awaiting the results. In the meantime, he and his family have been drinking bottled water.

The contamination source has yet to be found.

“We are being very transparent. We are working great with DEC, the State Department of Health— have been from the very beginning. They’ve helped us develop a sampling program,” said Wachunas.

According to the county, each round of testing takes two weeks for results to come back. Poestenkill residents can pay $350 to have their water sampled through the town. Wohlleber believes New York State should pay for the testing as it has done for Hoosick Falls. In the meantime, he is trying to get legislation passed so that the town can pay it. A meeting is expected to be held on Thursday.