ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Although self-reported, more than 40% of Albany County residents being monitored by the Albany County Department of Health for COVID since early September said they were fully vaccinated.

Research from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have all indicated as time goes on, a person’s immunity after vaccination decreases. This is why the federal government has suggested vaccinated people get a booster shot between six to eight months.

As of October 19, more than 200,000 Albany County residents have been fully vaccinated. On April 2, 72,365 county residents had been vaccinated. Based on recommendations of the federal government those vaccinated between February and April should consider getting a booster shot.

Using the number of residents vaccinated in early April (72,365) and the number vaccinated as of October 19 (203,784), nearly 36% of the vaccinated population could have waning immunity and be in need of a booster shot to further protect them, according to federal recommendations.

From September 8 to October 19 the percentage of vaccinated people who caught COVID was between 43-49%. Below is a look at the percentage of new COVID cases in vaccinated people reported by Albany County and self-reported by residents.

Date reportedNew casesVaccinated (%)Not vaccinated (%)Unknown (%)
September 852348%43%9%
September 1445848%45%8%
September 2156843%50%8%
September 2852945%48%8%
October 562247%46%7%
October 1250646%50%5%
October 1963149%43%8%
* Vaccination status is self-reported.

By the end of October, approximately half of Albany County residents who were vaccinated as of Oct. 19, could have waning immunity, based on the number of residents vaccinated on April 15 (102,296).

As far as serious illness because of the virus, Albany County said the majority of hospitalized cases are in those who are not vaccinated.

“We also continue to see the majority of those residents sent to the hospital with the virus haven’t gotten a shot. Among those who are currently hospitalized, 38% are fully vaccinated, 5% are partially vaccinated and 57% are unvaccinated,” Albany County Executive Dan McCoy said on Tuesday.