TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Days after a tragedy in Troy where a teen boy fell into Poestenkill Gorge and died, people in the area are questioning the safety of the area and what responsibility the city has to warn people of dangers there.

When you get to the park and walk down to this small landing where there is a no trespassing sign. But if you look closer there’s a trail that is clearly made and even has hand rails. After the death of 16-year-old Connor Reynolds earlier this week. People here say these signs aren’t clear and more needs to be done.

Chris Philippo first came to the Poestenkill Gorge Park in 2013, but noticed the signs at the time and didn’t go past them.

“I was really kind of confused as to if that referred to the trail like for some reason the trail was closed we weren’t supposed to go on it”

He wrote to then mayor Lou Rosamila asking about the vagueness of the sign and if he was allowed to walk to trails.

The response he got?

“He I felt was kind of dismissive. His responses seemed to paint the sign as kind of self explanatory.”

At that time there were two signs that urged people not to swim here. Signs that don’t exist anymore.

Less than a year after Philippo sent that email, crews were called to the gorge for a man in his mid-20s who had fallen in. They recovered his body trapped under a ledge in the water.

A similar situation to what happened earlier this week when Connor fell in the gorge and died.

NEWS10 ABC’s Ayla Ferrone took photos of the signs at the park to attorney Paul Derohannesian to see what he thought. He tells me in situations like this, it’s a bit of a gray area. The city has a certain responsibility to make sure the area is safe since they own the property, but he says people who decide to walk the trails and go down to the gorge also have a certain responsibility to watch out for dangerous spots.

Derohannesian says the “no trespassing signs” are confusing when people also see a clear trail.

“What makes this inviting to an individual is that you appear to have a trail for people to walk on. If you don’t want people walking on it maybe you have to take down the trail and block access to that trail. Make it not navigable.”

Mayor Patrick Madden was unable to meet again on Thursday to talk about the signs. He did say on Wednesday that the city would be looking to see if changes needed to be made.