ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Albany’s North Pearl Street welcomed hundreds of visitors, vendors, and live music for the city to enjoy. The 14th annual PearlPalooza brought special attention to local businesses in the heart of Downtown Albany.

“Beautiful weather, great vendors, a wonderful crowd. Really a perfect day for the event,” described Mayor Kathy Sheehan. All these factors gave Capital Region residents a reason to check out North Pearl Street. For just one block, a large crowd came to party. “I think that this is one of the biggest. We always get thousands of people down here for this. It’s a great vibe, great mood.”

with COVID-19 cases on the rise across the state, Sheehan reminding everyone to enjoy the event responsibly. “We want people to still be careful. There is still COVID out there, but we know that outdoor places have historically been pretty safe.”

When North Pearl Street did clear, the music was not over yet. Businesses like Empire Live took over the party with more of what everyone enjoys. “More foot traffic is always a plus. Once we see it set up out front and what’s going on, we’re really glad,” stated Managing Partner, David Siewert.

Managers of the music venue hope the festival brings attention to their upcoming events where more can experience a different music scene in Downtown Albany. “If they are interested, they’ll come by and see what it is. It opens their minds to a different area of music,” explained Operations Manager, Jennifer Chura.

As a fan-favorite event for some, one Albany native says it’s a chance to connect with the people in their own community. “Favorite part is just seeing the community get together out here, every come together. Everyone needs to loosen up,” said Nick Griffin.