GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The notorious Glenridge Road railroad bridge is finally seeing some solutions after being hit time after time.

Local officials break down the changes that are to come over the next two years.

“I think what we can say right now is hallelujah because we have a plan put in place,”  said Senator Jim Tedisco.

The low bridge in Glenville strikes again in the past two weeks of January with another tractor-trailer peeled open. Officials say there are solutions coming for truck drivers who don’t heed the existing warning signs.

“The plan provides a lot of flashing lights, and a laser system which indicates that your truck is too large and too tall,” said Tedisco. 

Senator Tedisco and Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle say this plan is being presented by the NYS Department of Transportation. It will take place over the next two years and will be broken up into parts.

One part of the plan will be a laser detection system as trucks approach the underpass.

“There will be large cones that will go directly out to the large trucks. The laser will only hit a large truck, and it won’t go across the street into someone’s window,” said Tedisco.

A major problem when drivers have gone too far on Glenridge Road is having no turnarounds. Officials say with the new proposed plan, a designated area is coming to help drivers avoid traffic and future accidents.

“There’s going to be a turnaround on both sides of the bridge. If you are coming in the directions of East or West, there will be options,” said Tedicso. 

The proposed plan is expected to happen over the next two years.

“The designated turnaround section would probably come in 2022, and I think the laser detection would come in 2023. However some of that depends on the cost,” said Koetzle.

Senator Tedisco and Supervisor Koetzle believe without being able to raise the bridge or lower the road, these are the best options.

“It’s very costly but what’s the cost of a human life,” said Tedicso. 

DOT is expected to hold a public meeting in February to reveal the full plan for the Glenridge Road railroad bridge.