WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — After coming to the United States at the age of 2, Carla Mercado Dorado first became eligible for DACA when Donald Trump was elected President in late 2016.

“So there was this fear. It’s a lot of infomration that you give up when applying for DACA, and we didn’t know what would happen during the next four years, if any of that would put me in more danger,” she said.

Carla decided not to apply. And the Trump Administration tried to end the program. She tried ro apply under the Biden Administration but a federal judge in Texas again brought the program to a halt.

Young immigrants and their supporters say immigration reform is needed now, “reform that can get all persons who are undocumented in the United States citizenship,” said immigrant supporter Nadine Allache

The current Senate reconciliation package includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. But lawmakers still need to agree about which immigrants to include before final passage.

“I’ve got no problem with a pathway to citizenship if we fix the underlying problem,” said Lindsey Graham, the Republican from South Carolina.

Two weeks ago Graham said he supports giving citizenship for undocumented immigrants but not through reconciliation.

The budge reconciliation outline, which was approved by the Senate, includes billions for both border security and legalization of some undocumented migrants. But it’s unclear if the package will be approved by the US House. Even some Democrats oppose the $3.5 trillion price tag.