ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Albany saw a total of five shootings over Mother’s Day weekend. On Saturday, Village Barber and Beauty was shot into, leaving one dead and two injured.

Village Barber and Beauty owner, Reverend Reginald Graham, is using the aftermath of the shooting for a way to keep Albany informed and connected. To do so, Graham turned to Pastors on Patrol.

“The barber shop is all of us together. It’s not just the Barber’s, it’s the whole community. So we want to be here together. It brought back forth some healing. It gave us a lot of hope and inspiration to want to continue to go on,” said Graham.

Pastors on Patrol is the result of a partnership between members of clergy and the Albany Police Department. Together, they walk the streets to check in with the public. Bishop Avery Comithier doesn’t take to the streets empty-handed, making sure the kids they see have smiles on their faces.

“Whoever we come across, whoever we see, even young people. We can let them know that we care about them. We also have some gifts that we will be giving out to kids. Some games, some toys, and even some reading books,” stated Comithier.

Through these patrols, police officers are able to interact with the public in a positive way. Graham says he sees the police as important members of the community. “Some of them, they come out, we know each other by name. There’s a different type of attitude that they have to us. We’re more like friends now,” described Graham.

Village Barber and Beauty has been closed since the shooting. 47-year-old Tyrone Staley passed away after being brought to the hospital. The other victims, a 19 and nine-year-old, are recovering from non-life threatening injuries. “Number one, out of respect for the family. We lost a barber, we are still hurting. So we have to allow ourselves time to mourn and grieve,” explained Graham.