GANESVOORT, NY (NEWS10) — Mount Zion Church in Saratoga County is where people gathered Tuesday night to hold vigil for a missing little girl. It’s also the place where they rejoiced once Charlotte was found. 

Missing 9-year-old girl found alive, suspect in custody

On this warm autumn day in Gansevoort, the parking lot of Mount Zion Church was empty, a far cry from the previous night.

Larry Denning is one of the pastors at Mount Zion, he was here yesterday when there was a commotion.

“That’s what we came for last night. To pray for a miracle. Of course we got that” said Denning.

Concern and fear yet hung in the air while Charlotte was still missing.

Community relieved Charlotte Sena found alive

“It didn’t look good. It was natural because it was 48 hours, but we just came believing that God was going to do a miracle for us” said Denning.

The mood changed once Charlotte was found.

“Everybody was really rejoicing and actually after we found out we went inside and we continued on with our prayer. First of all we just thank God for answered prayer”.”” Pastor Denning said.

While the pastor remains faithful, he is more vigilant of the threat of predators following the abduction of the child.

“I’m a parent, I’m a grandparent, I have grandchildren, so I think I’m a little bit more of aware of it you just have to keep guard” said the pastor.

Long after the camera lights turn off, and the new screws disappear, the pastor says he hopes the spirit of togetherness can remain in the community.