GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Whether a Glens Falls or Queensbury landmark is old or new, it’s standing on history.

The Chapman Museum’s new “Changes: Now and Then” exhibit puts that fact into focus, by collecting photos of area landmarks now and through their history, many going back as late as the late 1800s.

The photos, and accompanying historical accounts, were collected by Bob Bayle and Andrea Matte, two museum volunteers who are assembling those and even more into a book, with help from the Chapman in adding more photos.

Collecting enough imagery is especially important for locations with multiple lives, like the former home of first a hotel and then a business that was demolished in the 1970s to make way for a road to Glens Falls Hospital from downtown.

The hospital itself is another example, transformed from a retrofitted house to a large brick building, and then most recently renovated within the last 20 years.

The museum put the exhibit together with a New York CARES Act grant. They’ve been letting guests come in since July, when COVID-19 restrictions on museums first lifted.

The museum is also hosting virtual exhibits and live talks, which are planned to continue once the pandemic is over and gone.

“Changes: Now and Then” opened on May 1, and will last until Sept. 25.