CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a picture in the woods in Washington County that’s sparked hundreds of comments and shares on social media. Some say it could be a supernatural photo.

The mystery of spooky things in the woods has attracted generations of intrigue. Locally, we have our own mystery in the forest.

A blurry photo of a little girl deep in the woods near center Cambridge has the whole town talking.

“We like to look at the actual footage from the actual camera it came from,” Greenwich Paranormal Research Team President Tania Woodward said. “There’s a lot of historical places and we do pick up a lot of stuff from that.”

Woodward says the image, which was taken from a trail camera off of Route 74, doesn’t provide a lot of information for her to read.

“Trail cams don’t take the best pictures, it’s tough.”

She said she would like permission to visit the property with her team to determine if there is any possible paranormal activity, or to see if this is a real child captured by the trail camera. She says she has a lot of questions for the property owner who at this point wants to remain private.

“What neighborhood kids are around? Do they have kids? What time of day it was set up? Where it was set up? Can we look through it to see what’s going on and do some research on the area?”

She says with all the history in the area, paranormal activity is common.

“We’ve experienced a lot. We’ve been to a lot of places especially out north.”

Police say since the story broke, they’ve gotten countless calls and emails about the photo. Several suggest that as legend has it, a little girl was hit and killed on the train tracks that used to run through the area.

Woodward says she believes there is so much interest because a lot of people have had experiences and now are finally coming out.

“Because of all the TV shows everyone sees.”

Whether there is actual paranormal activity, some Photoshop trickery, or an actual child playing in the woods you can depend on NEWS10 ABC to stay on top of this story and get to the bottom of it.