ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police in Albany looking for two women who are suspected of stealing from several Lark Street businesses.

They’ve been caught on camera, not at one shop, not even at two, but three businesses.

A tip jar at Bombers usually full but today it’s empty after two thieves who were caught on camera helped themselves.

On Thursday, two women came into Bombers Burrito Bar on Lark Street. The pair was caught on camera as one of them cleans out the tip jar.

“They came in, they came to the register, they didn’t order anything. I think they waited for someone to turn their back,” Owner Jimmy Vann said.

Vann says he was shocked to see the crime caught on video.

“She even looks up at the camera which I thought was kind of weird.”

He took to social media and was even more surprised to find Bombers wasn’t their only target.

“I posted it on Facebook and I didn’t even realize they had already been busy that afternoon with some other places on the street.”

Within the same hour or so, the pair also stole from Shocker Tattoo. Security cameras caught them pawing through a purse.

“They’re like asking to get caught honestly,” Payson Surprenant said.

A little while later Surprenant was working a few blocks away at Teassertz.

“They were both talking to me and they asked for water.”

One of the women then asked to use the bathroom while the other distracted her.

The first woman headed to the back of the shop where the bathroom is and where employees keep their belongings.

“She made sure I was preoccupied, then she went through all my stuff, took out the cash and even my check too.”

The pair left and minutes later Surprenant realized the money was missing and she went after them.

“It was the end of my shift so I kept walking down the street and I saw them go into bombers.”

Even confronting the one woman who seems to be doing the distracting in the surveillance footage.

“Your friend just stole money from me and she was like don’t even accuse us of stealing.”

They got away and now police are asking for your help to find them.

“I’m a big staff person, and I’m sort of trying to stick up for my staff here,” Vann said.

Vann is giving a dollar off burritos on Friday and giving that extra dollar to his staff and donating to the Boys and Girls Club.

Then there’s this. A letter on an envelope was dropped off at both Bombers and Teassertz with a $10 bill inside.

“It just made my day seeing that because I know there are still amazing people out there it’s just there are some bad people out there too,” Surprenant said.

Police have been on Lark Street speaking to business owners about the thefts. If you recognize these women, you’re asked to contact police right away.