MILFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Before the summer tourism season gets into full swing, Rail Explorers Cooperstown took a “first ride” Thursday morning. There, Mary Joy Lu helped people ride the rails like never before.

“What you can expect is to be immersed in the beautiful hills of Cherry Valley here in Cooperstown and Milford,” said Lu. “And you ride with friends, family, whoever you want to bring, and just really enjoy yourself.”

Alex Catchpoole works with Lu, giving riders a break from the norm. “The great thing about this company, I think, is that every day is different,” he noted. “Every day is a different challenge. And it’s all good fun.”

Fun, and easy as pie—thanks to the company’s custom-built bikes. “Riding one of these Rail Explorers vehicles is so different from riding a bike,” added Catchpoole. “Once you get going, it’s like skating on ice. It’s so effortless, and so easy.”

Lu hopes the easy ride makes for a nice break from reality. “It’s just a perfect afternoon to get a complete mental break, a complete cutoff; like a mini vacation,” she said. “It just gives you a clean, fresh start.”

The duo hosted a season preview Thursday morning. They are officially opening this Saturday, with tours running through Halloween. Tickets are available now, on the Rail Explorers USA website.