WARRENSBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It all started when Joq Quintal, the third-generation owner of Oscar’s Smokehouse, saw customers pull up after hours to try and buy a late-night fix of the smokehouse’s popular bacon or mustard.

Now, the smokehouse’s new vending machine is ready 24/7 to serve anyone in sudden need of a pork chop or some cheese dip.

The machine is a double-positive for the family-owned smokehouse, as an extra way to mitigate crowds inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. The other part of the idea came from Oscar’s selling some of their products at the Adirondack Welcome Center by Exit 18 on the Northway.

Quintal said some other businesses have spoken to him about how to get vending machines of their own at their businesses. In the meantime, the machine has quickly become a popular spot to take a photo or selfie, and is giving the smokehouse a new social media boost.