SCHAGHTICKOKE FAIR (NEWS10) — The Schaghticoke Fair in Rensselaer County is not just fun and games! This event generates income for the community and vendors alike.

The rides. They spin, they go backwards and forwards! Families at the Schaghticoke fair, enjoying the last lap of summer with school right around the corner.


SOT, Enzo, entering 5th grade

“You can go on rides, you can do all of the fun stuff before school starts so it’s like ending the summer off with something fun!”, said in coming 5th grader Enzo.

“After we did it last year, we were like we’ve got to make sure we come again this year. They’ve been talking about it a lot”, his mom Jodie added.

The 204 year Old event plays a big economic role in Rensselaer county.

Bobby Belen is the general manager of dreamland amusements, which operates over 80 vendors at the fair. He estimates that his company generates hundreds of thousands of dollars from setting up at Schaghticoke, and that some of that money goes back into the community.

SOT, Bobby Belan, General Manager, Dreamland Amusements 

“We bring a sizable amount of people here. We bring jobs into the community…and then my guys invest back into the community with daily necessities. Hire quite a few…local companies that help support the fair. landscaping, fuel deliveries, things like that. And it’s a real sizeable number. It’s real important to the fair and the community every time” said Belan.

It’s providing for the community that means a lot to workers like Kylie at the the Little Sombrero taco stand. “As a vendor, providing back to the local people is really important. It’s nice to be in local areas, because you don’t see that really often anymore, especially in today’s economy”.” she told NEWS10.