ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany City School District is investigating a potential bullying event on social media that students referred to as “Exposure Day”.

The idea was that a student would post a picture of their classmate on social media to embarrass or intimidate them.

The school district is taking this very seriously because, on the internet, nothing ever gets deleted all it takes is one screenshot.

Albany City Schools Superintendent Kaweeda Adams says the social media event was brought to her attention by middle school students.

Concerned the hashtag would have been used to bully other classmates.

“We want to make sure our kids are using that technology the right way. If things are happening that are being done deliberately that are being done to hurt or shame or embarrass, we have a process that we follow. We will conduct an investigation.”

As technology advances, more people are finding ways to bully others.

The impact on victims can be traumatic.

Local parents previously told NEWS10 ABC how their daughter had been bullied, showing us what can happen in the hallways, and how easily it can happen anonymously.

“Someone took a picture of her, with a rude comment, and posted it for the whole school to see.”

According to Albany’s Student Code of Conduct, consequences for bullying can go beyond suspension and involve counseling.

Adams hopes it doesn’t have to come to that, which is why she put this note out to parents and focuses on prevention.

“Part of it is creating that culture of respect and helping students understand the power of positive behavior.”

Adams wants students and parents to know they don’t have to be afraid to report an incident of bullying and they can do it anonymously.