QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Multiple fire and rescue teams saved a 74-year-old Queensbury man after he broke through the ice while skating on Glen Lake Tuesday morning. Fire officials say that he was in the water for 15-20 minutes, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Bay Ridge Fire led the rescue efforts, using boats and cold-water rescue equipment to save him. Now officials like Ann Marie Mason from Warren County Emergency Services want to remind people when stepping on the ice is safe.

“What they should be looking out for is to ensure that there [are] 3 to 4 inches of solid, thick ice,” she said. “A lot of what’s been happening here is that we have had ice buildup, but then we had it melt. And then have rain on top of it. So, it degrades the ice.”

Ranger Jason Scott works for the New York State Forest Rangers and says that his department does a lot of flat-ice rescue training. He also says there is a big misconception about getting out of the ice safely after falling through.

“A lot of times, you think you can climb back up on the ice, and that’s not the case,” he said. “It’s getting your body in that horizontal position and swimming in that direction to swim back onto that shelf of ice… and then work your way crawling rolling to get back to that safer ice.”

Ranger Scott also says that getting familiar with local lakes and parks is important.

“Just knowledge of your lakes. It’s really credible,” he said. “Knowing where those channels are and those notorious spots with bad ice. Knowing those spots and staying away from them.”