LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Monday the New York DEC confirmed the first harmful algal bloom to be found in the waters of Lake George. Algal blooms can be extremely toxic to human and animal life on contact.

The Lake George Association, which is involved in lake protection initiatives, has taken samples of the bloom for testing. The test results, when they return, will tell them exactly how harmful this bloom is.

In the meantime, the bloom has spread throughout the week, and has now been seen in Harris Bay, Warner Bay, Sandy Bay and down around the village of Lake George.

In the meantime, as wind currents have spread the bloom out, it’s become harder to detect. The murky green that typically signifies a harmful algal bloom in the lake is no longer visible.

Next up for the Lake George Association is to work to slow down storm runoff and sewage impact on the lake, both of which can cause blooms due to the influx of nutrients they bring to the lake.

The Lake George Association and the DEC both have guidance for what homeowners and visitors can help.