CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (News10)-First responders are reminding residents who call 911 to keep their pets safely contained after a dog was shot by a trooper responding to a call at a Montgomery County home.

New York State Police say the incident occurred January 18th around 11:30a.m. when a trooper was called to a home in Amsterdam over a report of a man who had had been bitten by his own dog. NYSP say the trooper was assisting the owner, trying to contain the dog in a safe location inside the home when the animal lunged at the trooper, biting her multiple times in the hand and abdomen. The dog is said to have continued its attack and that’s when state police say the injured Trooper used her division issued firearm to shoot the dog until it retreated.

State police say that for more than an hour before shooting the dog, the trooper “…attempted to contact resources that could assist in quarantining the animal until a resolution and long-term plan could be established.” But the agency says that those attempts were unsuccessful. The dog died and the trooper was rushed to the hospital.

“The trooper, I wouldn’t want to be her with those injuries she had,” said Chief Jaime Swezey. Chief Swezey is with the Fort Johnson Fire Department and the Greater Amsterdam Volunteer Ambulance Corps. She responded to the scene. Swezey says preparing for what they will encounter begins with information from the dispatcher. “We start thinking before we get there what are we going to do? What happens if the dog is still loose?“ Chief Swezey is well accustomed to encountering pets while responding to calls and even has two dogs of her own. She says, while her dogs have never bitten anyone, she still keeps them in a secure area if she has visitors who the dogs are not acquainted with.

With regard to the incident on the 18th, NYSP say the caller told them he had taken ownership of the dog on the previous day, with the hope of rehabilitating the animal which he said was known to be aggressive and had a history of biting its previous owner. A NYSP spokesperson says both the owner and trooper who were bitten were treated by medical staff and are expected to recover.

The situation may have been a bit unique, but Swezey says the incident serves as an important reminder to pet owners to keep their animals secured when they call 911. “Because usually it’s not one or two members of the fire department. It might be a couple. It might be law enforcement and then EMS as well. And the more people they don’t know, the more they will get anxious and possibly act out,” she added.