ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Wednesday, New York State Senator Daphne Jordan, introduces a bill, which ensures that all records. documents, include e-mails, pertaining to the office of the Governor, are retained for future use.

Senator Jordan said, that the weakness of existing laws became apparent in the midst of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s numerous scandals.

An ACT to amend current NYS law, which provides significant discretion to the Governor himself, as to which documents are kept and are discarded.

“I’m introducing legislation to prevent any future Governor from destroying or ‘misplacing’ potentially incriminating records as I have no doubt Cuomo’s lieutenants have already done. My bill will make sure that every record, be it paper or electronic and including e-mail, of a Governor’s administration is retained for two years,” Senator Jordan says.

The bill would expand the scope of records to be preserved, in relation to establish document retention standards of NYS executive departments, agencies, offices, commissions, as well as the Executive Chamber, of all written, electronic records, e-mails, to include electronic metadata.

This legislation also ensures, should the misdeeds of any future Governor come before a court, that all existing evidence will be available to the court so that justice may be done,” Senator Jordan said.

The documents will be retained for two years under this legislation, except if documents are to be part of litigation, in which case they are retained for five years, or two years after litigation is reasonably anticipated.