ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Since the terrorist attacks on Israel, Governor Kathy Hochul has made her support for the Jewish community clear.

“We will stand in solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors today, tomorrow, and every day,” said Hochul during a press conference Thursday night.

While there are no credible threats, New York State is now elevating its security measures.

“We fully activated our division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Office of Counter Terrorism,” said Hochul.

Colin Brennan, Deputy Commissioner of External Affairs for the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, explained what the state is doing to keep New Yorkers safe.

“Pretty much all of law enforcement partners across the state are on high alert and have been so for the past week,” said Brennan. “At the Governor’s direction, earlier this week, the state police ramped up social media monitoring to help monitor for threats, which they obviously coordinate with us on. Patrols have been ramped up around houses of worship, schools, individual neighborhoods.”

The New York Attorney General on Friday sent letters to social media companies asking what actions, if any, they have taken to remove calls for violence on their platforms. They have until next Friday to respond.

The governor condemneds violence of any kind.

“I’m outraged by the reports of violence against Jewish New Yorkers, said Hochul. “And I have zero tolerance for hate directed towards Palestinian New Yorkers, a community that is also cherished and respected in the state.

Starting Friday the U.S. Government is arranging charter flights for Americans wanting to leave Israel. This weekend, Senator Chuck Schumer will be there meeting with with Israeli leaders to discuss resources the U.S. can provide.