ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — With winter months approaching what can we expect for road conditions? The Department of Transportation says they’re ready for anything mother nature has in store. “So really I mean we prepare for winter really starting in the summer or the late summer anyways, you know we’re constantly checking out our equipment… making sure that the equipment’s in tip-top shape,” said Bryan Viggiani, spokesperson for NYS Department of Transportation.

About two weeks ago, Buffalo was hit with a whopping six feet of snow. Viggiani says, the Capital Region sent 40 members of staff out west to help with snow removal. “One of the things we’ve gotten really good at the last couple of years is sharing resources between our regions throughout the state. If a storm came today and we needed the personnel we could borrow from nearby regions, we’ve gotten really good at shifting resources and people,” he said.

As part of their preparedness measures, the DOT is currently hiring 500  positions statewide, which includes 100 in the capital region. Viggiani says the positions are for those looking to serve the public. You can visit if you’re interested in employment opportunities.  “You’re helping friends, neighbors, your community, your town, your county really you’re helping everyone. Everyone’s gotta travel, transportation is so vital, you gotta get from point A to point B, whether you’re driving, walking, bicycling, or about all different modes you’d be helping everyone,” he said.

So whether it’s the fluffy white snow or the heavier kind that sticks to your driveway, Viggiani says give yourself ample time to travel, go slow, and keep several car lengths behind plows. If conditions are bad, opt out of traveling all together.