ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— The New York State budget is nearly a month late. In a letter to the Governor, the state comptroller said a budget or budget extender must happen no later than noon on Tuesday in order for state workers to get paid on time.

“We’ve been told today that we don’t need to do another extender on the budget until next Tuesday,” said Senator Tom O’Mara. “So we don’t know when the next day of session will be. We are now 26 days late on the state budget. The latest budget in 13 years.”

Republican lawmakers on Wednesday held a press conference saying that while they are still awaiting to see what’s included in the final budget, they want time to read the bills before voting.

“We’re here today to demand that the governor not issue messages of necessity on this budget when the bills are done, when the agreements are made,” said O’Mara. And if the governor does issue messages of necessity, that the leaders of the legislative majority do not accept those and allow these budget bills to age the constitutionally required three days.”

Governor Kathy Hochul on Tuesday spoke to reporters to provide a budget update.

“There has been a really positive relationship developing between the leaders as well,” explained Hochul. “We are still fairly new working together. I’ve only been on the job a year and a half, but there is a lot of respect and a healthy respect that leads to honest conversations and that’s why I feel confident that we’ll end up with a budget that really meets the needs of all New Yorkers.

The Senate is out of session, but must be ready to come back if a final agreement is made. The Assembly is at the call of the speaker.