SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York Racing Association (NYRA) following the deaths of two more horses over the Travers Stakes weekend. In total, 14 horses have died since the start of the 2023 Saratoga Racing Season.

Two horses euthanized at Saratoga

The horse, Novel, died Saturday after suffering a catastrophic leg injury during Race 5, leading officials to euthanize the horse. Likewise New York thunder suffered a similar injury during the Jerkens Memorial race, also leading officials to euthanize the animal.

We contacted various animal rights organizations and got a hold of PETA who sent a statement from their Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo saying in part: 

“The racing industry has shown once again that it’s fine with killing horses, even at its biggest events. HISA.. that’s the Horse Integrity and Safety Authority, must hold NYRA accountable and immediately shutter this track.”

NEWS 10 reached out to NYRA, who released a statement saying in short they decided to proceed with Sunday’s racing schedule, after meeting with horsemen, veterinarians and jockeys.

NYRA spokesperson Patrick McKenna also added that Jockeys and horse trainers expressed universal support for the safety of Saratoga’s race course facilities.

In regards to the condition of the track, 

McKenna says that NYRA continues to work with HISA’s track surface advisory group to further ensure the racing surfaces are consistent throughout.

NYRA said various state agencies are continuing to review the matter.