ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Multiple Democratic Senators have spoken out against Governor Hochul’s pick for Chief Judge: Hector D. LaSalle for New York’s Court of Appeals. Some are asking the Governor to withdraw her nomination.

“I was completely taken off guard by the Governor’s decision. This was one of the worst picks of the seven people that the commission on judicial nominations sent her,” said Senator Jabari Brisport of NY’s 25th district. Brisport said if Justice LaSalle is confirmed, his conservative values would not match the values of New Yorkers. “He has not just made conservative decisions, but really been a conservative activist going out of his way to make decisions, he made it harder for women seeking abortions and harder for workers who are organizing in New York State,” he said. Brisport said Governor Hochul should withdraw her nomination and choose a more unifying appointee. If Hochul does not withdraw, Justice LaSalle would then go to the Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing. 

In a statement, advocates by the name of Latinos for LaSalle said: “When a governor nominates a Chief Judge, it is the responsibility of the public and the legal community to debate their judicial history and weigh their record to ensure that the most qualified candidate is confirmed for such a critical position. That is not what’s happening to Judge LaSalle…”But Senator Brisport says that’s not the case, “So the vast majority of us, this is the first time experiencing judicial nomination and we’re acting in accordance with the politics we’re seeing in front of us.”

Christopher Bopst, Partner at Wilder & Linneball said in the past, confirmation for Chief Judge nominations have not been as controversial. Bopst questioned if this would be brought to the floor if the New York Dems didn’t have the supermajority. :Historically parties don’t generally like to put something out for a vote unless they can carry that vote with their own majority. They don’t generally like to have to rely on votes from the other side to make up for votes that their own membership didn’t provide,” said Bopst. As of right now, Governor Hochul has continued to stand by her nomination of LaSalle.