ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Voting for the primaries is still underway here in New York. Polls opened early this morning and will be closing at nine tonight, but what about early voting? According to Erica Smitka, Deputy Director at The League of Women Voters, around 180,000 people showed up to the polls for early voting this year. There are 8.5 million registered voters in New York, but how many New Yorkers will actually show up to the polls?

“I don’t have an estimate in total, but I can tell you that New York State is a state in which we have a lot of registered voters, but not a lot of people who show up to the polls,” said Smitka. And in terms of when we’ll see those election results Smitka says it will vary by county, but we’ll start to see them roll in this evening and some tomorrow morning as well.

GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy says in light of the recent Supreme Court Rulings, oftentimes, conservative New Yorkers have to go to the highest court to get results. 

“Because New York State government has gone so far to the extreme left, we really saluted the decision on the case of conceal and carry permits, that finally New Yorkers don’t have to justify themselves as to why they should be able to protect themselves, their family and their property and I think that was a breath of fresh air from our US Supreme Court,” he said.

And now, with inflation at an all time high, the Chairman says this is the year New Yorkers will vote for what he calls, ‘common sense change’, “We haven’t seen this since the 70’s and it’s probably worse now. I mean every trip to the grocery store – a major economic discussion for families as to what can you afford and what can’t you afford people are finding a way to do more with less,” he said.

Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs says he believes voter turnout will be significant. In a statement Jacobs went on to say “… there is so much on the line for this year. With Governor Hochul at the helm, the New York State Democratic Party will continue to defend reproductive rights, protect common-sense gun safety laws, and fight for working families.” 

You can find your local polling place by visiting We’ll be standing by to see what voters decide tonight in this first primary, and then again in August before the general election in November.