NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Which Thanksgiving dish has become the most expensive compared to last year? Usko ran the numbers and found which Thanksgiving food has increased the most in price from last year.

Usko’s report states a rise of 11.2% on all food costs registered in September this year compared to last. The report also cites a 13% increase in home grocery costs. A survey conducted by Usko found that 21% of people believe the increased food prices will impact their plans this year for the holiday, and 68% believe they will have fewer leftovers.

Butternut squash soup was found to be the dish that spiked the highest in cost, in New York at least, jumping from $18.33 in 2021 to $20.06 in 2022. The top five dishes to have increased the most in cost, in their respective state, are as follows:

  1. Spiced sugar cookies, Washington (13.56% increase)
  2. Pumpkin whoopee pie, Wyoming (13.12% increase)
  3. Sweet potato souffle, Georgia (12.99% increase)
  4. Red velvet cake, Alabama (12.97% increase)
  5. Sopapilla cheesecake, Oklahoma (12.60% increase)