ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With some of the biggest drinking nights of the year in the near future, Forbes Advisor analyzed data revealing which states have the highest and lowest rates of drinking and driving. Fortunately, New York was among the safer states.

According to Forbes Advisor, New York is ranked 5th in the nation for the lowest rate of drunk driving. The study reports NY had the third-lowest number of people killed in crashes involving a drunk driver and least likely to report witnessing a friend or family member drive home intoxicated from a holiday party. The District of Columbia tops the list for the lowest rate of drunk driving with 1.69 per 100,000 licensed drivers being arrested for DUI. New Jersey follows D.C. at second, Utah at third, and Delaware at fourth for the lowest rate of drunk driving in the nation.

Forbes Advisor also reports the states with the highest rate of drunk driving. Montana tops the list with 478.26 out of every 100,000 licensed drivers receiving a DUI. The study also concluded 45.1% of Montan’s traffic deaths in 2020 were caused by a drunk driver. Following Montana is Wyoming, then Texas, North Dakota, and South Dakota for the top five states with the most drunk driving.