ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It seems in almost every town in America you can find a coffee shop to start your day or a liquor store to end it. In a recent study by, 30% of Americans daily fluid intake is made of booze or caffeine. explains alcohol has been a popular drink since the beginning but coffee culture has been on the rise in recent years. also reports numerous studies that revealed the health benefits of coffee, while others argue that alcoholic drinks such as wine can be good for the body. Moreover, consuming too much caffeine has been linked to anxiety and dehydration. 

The survey revealed 28% of the average New Yorker’s daily fluid intake is made up of booze and caffeine. According to the study, almost half of New Yorkers consider themselves “booze fit,” meaning they’re unfazed by hangovers despite having few hours of sleep before taking on their daily life, fueled by caffeine. reports the love of booze is so profound that the average drinker is content to gain 13 pounds to continue consuming their favorite alcoholic beverages. Research also explained the average drinker spends $947 per year on hangover comfort foods and coffees.

Looking at the map provided by, leading states that have a higher percentage of daily fluid intake made up of booze and caffeine are Maine with 49%, Arkansas with 48%, Montana with 46%, Kansas with 44% and North Dakota with 43%. provides five alternative options to regular coffees and energy drinks for those looking for a more natural lift.

  • Tetracitrene
  • Mushroom coffee
  • Electrolyte drinks
  • Ashwagandha
  • Chicory root