ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the 95th Academy Awards approaching on Sunday, March 12, was curious as to which US States have received the most awards for leading actress/actor. Some great stars have come out of our very own empire state as NY ranks second on the list.

To execute this study, looked up where every winner was born and ranked states by awards received. They used the official Oscars website and IMDB to gather the information. New York comes in second with 14 best actor awards and eight best actress awards leading to a total of 22 leading actress/actor awards. Winning NY actors feature Humphrey Bogart, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington. Winning NY actresses feature Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, and Barbara Streisand.

That state that came in first by no surprise is California. New York and California had the same amount of best actor winners, but CA carried three more best actresses ending with 11. Such winners feature Nicholas Cage, Cliff Robertson, Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Sally Field and Jessica Chastain. Following New York and California is Pennsylvania in third and Illinois, New Jersey and Texas tied for fourth. Make sure to check out if California gains another with a win from Austin Butler or if he’s beaten out by his fellow nominees. The Oscars will air on Sunday, March, 12 on ABC at 5 p.m.