ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Whether you pronounce it like “JIF” or “GIF,” everyone has a favorite. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the GIF, a new report by GetWindstream looked at the most-searched GIFs in each state.

In New York, the most-searched GIF was “happy birthday.” has about 5,721 “happy birthday” GIFs. New Jersey and Maryland had also searched for “happy birthday” GIFs the most.

Overall, “funny” was the most searched GIF in 12 states, “yes” was most searched in 10 states, and “cat” was the most searched GIF in six states. In 2022, the most searched GIF in the most states was “happy birthday.”

Over the last five years, New York’s most searched GIF was “yikes.” You can view the full report on the GetWindstream website.


GetWindstream used Google Trends to find the most searched GIFs across the United States over five years. They then used the keyword research tool on Semrush to track and analyze the most relevant GIF searches.